The PandaPay mission will always be to provide merchants with dedicated ongoing personalized care for their payment processing and business needs. Through education, world-class service and support we’re leaving more profits where they belong, in the hands of business owners.


The credit card processing industry is plagued with unethical sales tactics and hidden fees. It’s common these days to see other credit card processors advertising rates as low as 1.00%. Because of a lack of regulation and transparency in the payment processing industry, some of our competitors unfortunately don’t disclose several other additional fees such as “assessment fees”, “annual fees”, “settlement fees”, ‘’non-qualified surcharges’’, “interchange differential”, to name a few.

PandaPay is proud to make a difference by taking the path less travelled. We believe that by educating our merchants and offering them clear quotes and savings, we build trust in our team, our company and our services. We also sleep better at night knowing that our clients receive a great service at a fair price.

Choosing the right payment solution that best fits your business’ needs

Choosing the right payment solution is a vital decision for business owners. In a marketplace flooded with competing messages and contrary voices, business owners are often overwhelmed by the number of options available. This is why the PandaPay team of Client Relationship Advisors provides more than just payment processing services to merchants. We show business owners how to retain more of their profits by understanding their needs, providing education as well as one-on-one personalized service and support. No more, no less. Whether you’re just starting out with a countertop terminal or require a fully integrated multi-level platform, PandaPay has you covered.

Simple, Honest, Straight Forward Payment Processing Services

Fairness and integrity is the bedrock of our service. Long-term contracts are not necessary for ethical payment processors. If you’re not happy with the service your business has been provided with, you should be able to change to another processor without any penalty.
PandaPay offers all clients a risk-free, month by month service with no contract. If you’re not satisfied with your service, you may cancel at any time, without penalty. *In the event that a merchant opts for leased equipment, third party contracts will apply.


PandaPay Founding Principle

The PandaPay founding principle was to create a stable, accessible platform in which our network of merchants could thrive and contribute to growing, prosperous communities… but thriving businesses are only one component of healthy communities. Through social entrepreneurship, PandaPay has the opportunity to assist families and individuals most in need of help. It is our belief, that in aiding families and individuals to overcome adversity, we contribute to stronger communities and brighter futures.

The Choice to Make a Difference

As a PandaPay merchant, you will be contributing to regional based charitable organizations who focus on helping families lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty. A percentage of PandaPay net revenues will be redirected to charities in your community each year